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Veere Di Wedding Full HD Movie Download

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Veere Di Wedding Full HD Movie Download

Veere Di Wedding Full HD Movie

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Veere Di Wedding Full HD Movie and watch it online free you can easily download full movie you can play it online free

Four girls on their way to find true love discover that friendship this strong has its consequences.

Veere Di Wedding (2018) Hindi Movie

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The cinematography looks great and the ladies look beautiful but apart from that the story, direction, acting, characters, etc is total garbage. A lot of brand placements in a single movie. Makes it less like a movie and more like a feature length commercial break consisting of various brand’s advertisement. Pure garbage.
Well women empowering in a country which is still telling its population to save the girl child and to educate her , cannot be achieved by “if men can drink then so can we, if men can masturbate then so can we”.
The reason your movie deserves 1 star rating is because of the fake ” women empowering ” you all talked about. Better show a movie which would change the mindset of our male dominant society . Nobody is gonna watch this with their families after knowing about the kind of scenes you have in this movie .and mostly its the older generation who are more into this male dominant thing . So ,sorry your movie didn’t make any difference .
The director made this movie by copying straight from Hollywood movie and director should make realistic movie adding little Indian culture in the movie and apart from that there is no story line and screenplay is poor never watch with family watch this movie with friends if you have no job and life is bored
Movie lacks a strong story and is full of nonsensical dialogues. Good for woman who felt that speaking a few bad words, spending their parents hard earned money relentlessly, smoking and drinking would make them independent and empowered.

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